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Living in Peace with Others!

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Hebrews 12:14; “Strive to live in peace with every body & pursue that consecration & holiness without which no one will ever see the Lord."

God has a good plan for our lives & it involves living, working, attending Church & having great relationships with people.  And that’s where all the problems begin!  We tend to like to be with people who “get” us, who can “relate” to us, who are fun & they never say anything to us that
offends us! We want to be with people who let us be “just the way we are” or we’re outta there! Sadly, that even includes married people. They enter into a marriage covenant with a thought in the back of their mind, that if things don’t go their way, they will leave.

To have a great marriage relationship there must be respect & a growing together by commitment to overcome all the obstacles that try to divide the marriage. It takes one good choice after another for things to mature into a healthy relationship.  Dane Willis said, “Great marriages don’t happen by luck or by accident. They are the result of a consistent investment of time, thoughtfulness, forgiveness, affection, prayer, a mutual respect & a rock solid commitment between a husband & a wife.”

Probably the biggest downfall in marriages is the lack of effective communication. It is better for the wife to actually COMMUNICATE with her husband what she really likes for her birthday (anniversary, Christmas, or any special occasion) rather than just get mad at him because he really doesn’t have a clue. Also, the husband has a responsibility to COMMUNICATE to the wife what he is feeling or thinking about so that she doesn’t have to guess what is going on with him. Good communication is a key to a good marriage.

It’s good to remember that you both are on the same team & your common goal is to win at marriage. You can do that by having each other’s “back” or being there to support each other in your endeavors or projects.  But the best way to insure that your marriage is going to grow up strong is to put God first in the middle of it. When both parties are committed to God & His will, then there will be so much more harmony in the home.  Marriage was God’s plan in the beginning & He is very interested in yours. Pray for your spouse, treasure them, like a rare jewel, develop the good habits of listening, respecting, honoring & watch what God does to strengthen your marriage.


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